What is the Victorian Aboriginal Business Directory?

The Victorian Aboriginal Business Directory can help you find Aboriginal businesses in Victoria.

You can search the directory by keyword, industry or location:

How to join the directory

For information about the Victorian Aboriginal Business Directory, call 03 8683 3136 or email aboriginalbusinessvic@ecodev.vic.gov.au

Why does the directory exist?

The Victorian Aboriginal Business Directory creates purchasing and employment opportunities for Aboriginal businesses. This is one of 7 social procurement objectives in the Victorian Government Social Procurement Framework.

The directory also helps to:

  • promote local Aboriginal business supply chains and Aboriginal business development
  • strengthen the connection between Victoria's diverse Aboriginal business suppliers and government departments and agencies

Search or join other Aboriginal business directories

Indigenous Business Direct is a directory of verified Indigenous businesses by Supply Nation. Register as a supplier to join the directory.

Search the Kinaway Business Directory for businesses registered with the Kinaway Chamber of Commerce Victoria.