Keywords for business websites

Keywords are words, phrases, or search strings a potential customer uses when they're searching for something online.

For your website to be found by search engines, make sure you use keywords in the following areas:

  • content.
  • headings.
  • meta tags

How can I find my keywords?

Keyword research is a key aspect of any online marketing.

It's important to use keywords that are the same as the words used by your customers. For example, a greenhouse website may describe its products as 'greenhouses' while a majority of customers are using 'glasshouses' to search for their products.

To understand the keywords people are using when searching for the products and services you provide, use the Google Keyword Planner.

Entering your products and services into the Google Keyword Planner will tell you:

  • the words and short phrases people use to search for that product or service online
  • the level of competition for certain keywords in online advertising
  • the number of online searches – locally and globally – for certain keywords

How do I choose keywords?

When choosing and using keywords for a business website, consider the following:

  • Choose keywords with medium to high number of searches – greater than 1000 per month – that you can still remain competitive in.
  • If your market is global, use keywords that are often used globally, and if your market is Australia, use keywords that are often used locally.
  • If your market is local, include the name of your town or suburb – this will reduce the number of competitors vying for that term.
  • Use keywords on your website pages in headings, content and behind the pages in the HTML meta tags.
  • Ensure your website's headings are pure in text and not contained in images – search engines can't read text incorporated in images.
  • Don't overload your website with too many keywords which can result in search engines bypassing your website.
  • Make sure the code behind your site is programmed correctly and uses standard HTML – add-on technologies or out-of-date HTML can affect how search engines to read your site.