What is the Event Planner?

The Event Planner is a guided planning tool to help you organise an event or festival in Victoria, Australia.

There's a lot to consider when planning and delivering a safe and successful event. From sourcing funding and booking venues to selling tickets and applying for permits, the process takes time and expertise.

The Event Planner brings together up-to-date resources and information on each step of the planning and approval process, including:

  • required permits
  • grants and support for event organisers

Who can use the Event Planner?

The Event Planner is available to anyone organising an event or festival in Victoria – whether you're a small business owner, cultural leader, artist or community member.

How does the Event Planner work?

The Event Planner takes you through a series of questions about the event you're planning and creates a personalised to-do list. Your to-do list will tell you the approving organisations you need to consult, the planning documents you need to prepare and permits and licences you may need to apply for – making it easier for anyone to plan and get approval to run a safe and successful event in Victoria.

The Event Planner is regularly reviewed and updated by a specialist provider to keep the information accurate and complete as local, state and federal requirements change.

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