Existing government contracts

To obtain better value for money, the Victorian Government has set up two existing, or ongoing contracts for frequently purchased goods and services. These contracts are set up by public tendering. The tender arrangement can be by sole or panel supplier.

1. State Purchase Contracts

State Purchase Contracts (SPCs) may apply across a number of departments and agencies. The Victorian Government manages more than 100,000 SPCs across a range of goods and services such as:

  • office supplies
  • marketing and media services
  • IT and communications
  • print management
  • financial and banking services
  • energy performance

Visit the Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB) website to access the complete list of SPCs.

2. Sole Entity Purchase Contracts

Sole Entity Purchase Contracts (SEPCs) work the same way as an SPC, but are offered by an individual department or agency.

Visit the Buying for Victoria website to search for a contract.