Contingency ('what if') planning

If you're thinking of getting a temporary caretaker to run your business, these steps will help you choose a caretaker who best suits your business needs:

A possible scenario is hearing from your doctor that you will never be able to work again, or that your illness is terminal. For worst case scenarios like these, getting a caretaker (sometimes called a 'locum') is often the best solution for both the owner and the business itself. Being prepared and doing some research will help you find the right person. The Critical Information List is a very useful tool to give your caretaker so they can make decisions and act on your behalf.

To create your list, use our Critical information list template.

Use experts to find the right person

Getting a caretaker in is not a matter of simply employing another member of staff. You will be putting your trust in this person to manage your business so it keeps operating efficiently and profitably. If none of your employees are suitable, use a recruitment company. For a fee they will source and interview candidates to get the best possible match with the role needing to be filled. This is money well spent.

Before you find someone to fill in, make sure you go through our Business handover steps to find out where you can get help.