Do you meet Child Safe Standards?

Organisation that are applying for permits to employ children under the Child Employment Act 2003 are required to comply with Child Safe Standards.

From 1 January 2023, the Wage Inspectorate becomes a sector regulator, with responsibilities for promoting child safety outcomes, and monitoring and enforcing compliance with the standards.

Visit the Commission for Children and Young People's website for more information.

Employing children in the entertainment industry - an overview

Hi, I'm Umi.

We all know kids are natural performers. Give us a blanket and a shampoo bottle and we'll create some magic.

# Lah! #

But if you need us for any advertising or entertainment purposes, and we're under 15 years of age, you'll need a permit.

Why? Because it tells the government that you're doing the right thing by us.

There are a number of things you need to make sure you're on top of. Like:

  • safety
  • supervision
  • risk management
  • tutoring and
  • working hours.

This includes both paid and unpaid work.

This all comes from the Child Employment Act and the Mandatory Code of Practice for the Employment of Children in Entertainment.

These were both designed to help kids, like me, be able to do the work we love, while still being safe and well looked after, and to ensure that our roles are appropriate and don't interrupt our education.

The good news is there are changes that make it easier and less costly for employers to comply.

We made sure to ask people like you how to improve things, and that's exactly what we did.

There's a new online system for applying for permits and once you fill it out, the permits are free.

Just make sure you have everything you need to show that I'll be safe at work, including permission from my mum and dad.

Also, if you need some help, you can always speak to my friends, the Child Employment Officers. They're really smart and will make sure you're well looked after.

Just go to

Or call 1800 287 287

OK, I'm ready for my close-up.

Maybe not THAT close!

Employing children in Victoria - the permit application process

Checklist: before applying for a permit

Please ensure that you understand the child employment laws and requirements prior to applying for a permit, and:

You should also become familiar with the Mandatory Code of Practice which is included in The Guide below:

Did you know you may be eligible for one-on-one support and guidance? Visit our page on the Child Employment Small Business Information Service to find out more.

5 business day minimum permit applications

Child employment permit applications and supporting documents must be lodged a minimum of 5 business days* prior to a child commencing work. Applications received outside of this time frame will be refused.

More complex applications may take up to 28 days to assess. A Child Employment Officer will be in touch within 3 business days to provide an anticipated assessment timeframe if the application is complex.  Applicants are encouraged to submit applications as early as possible.

*unless subject to prior agreement with the Wage Inspectorate.

Online application - Child Employment Portal

We encourage you to utilise the Child Employment Portal – it has many time saving features, and can be used for:

  • applying for a normal permit and a blanket permit
  • applying for a supplementary permit
  • applying for variation of the code
  • applying to vary hours of work or rest breaks
  • copying an application
  • generating parental consent
  • accessing additional forms for specific and record keeping requirements.

Keep in mind that there may be additional requirements or specific situations that require you to use extra forms that are not included in the online process. You'll find these provided below, or by searching 'Quick Links' within the Child Employment Portal.

The Child Employment Portal is fast and easy to use – simply create an account using your email address, and choose a password.

Log into the Child Employment Portal.

What records am I required to keep?

Visit our page on how to keep proper records of employment for further information.

Offline application

Please contact Wage Inspectorate Victoria on 1800 287 287 if you cannot complete an application online and need further assistance.

Situation specific requirements

Application to vary requirements of the Mandatory Code of Practice

The Mandatory Code of Practice for the Employment of Children in Entertainment mandates requirements for the employment of children in entertainment.

These requirements may be varied in some circumstances –  and on application in writing.

Please complete this application using the Child Employment Portal. Contact Wage Inspectorate Victoria on 1800 287 287 if you cannot complete an application online and need further assistance.

Get help with child employment

If you own, are looking to purchase, or start a small business with under 20 employees, you may be eligible for our Child Employment Small Business Information Service (CESBIS).

CESBIS offers one-on-one information and advice regarding your responsibilities under the Victoria Child Employment Act.

To access this program, contact Wage Inspectorate Victoria.

Phone or email us for more information

Wage Inspectorate Victoria is responsible for monitoring compliance with the Child Employment Act 2003.

For further assistance and advice about employing children in Victoria, speak to a Wage Inspectorate officer by calling the Information Line on 1800 287 287, or email

We value your opinion

We welcome any feedback, comments and suggestions you might like to share.

You also have the option to make an anonymous report if you suspect someone is breaking the rules relating to child employment but you don’t want to provide personal information.