The Victorian Government is committed to supporting businesses to grow and prosper. This includes providing support to help manage the risks and uncertainty of changes in gas and electricity prices.

In the 2017–18 Budget, the Victorian Government allocated additional funding to help create and retain jobs, including support to assist businesses that are particularly vulnerable to energy market volatility.

Call 13 22 15 to connect with a local industry investment facilitation specialist to discuss your specific situation if your business:

  • is a major energy user
  • has experienced a large increase in the price of your energy contracts
  • employs a significant number of workers

Investment facilitation specialists will work with you to understand the effects on your business and explore industry assistance options, including potential funding support and tailored assistance to help identify a sustainable solution.

Support and funding packages will be tailored to specific projects, incorporating existing programs and services wherever possible to maximise the value of outcomes. This may include:

  • managing and reducing energy costs by increasing energy efficiency
  • implementing alternative sources of energy
  • purchasing new equipment that enhances productivity to offset energy costs

Victorian Default Offer

New rules have been introduced in Victoria to make sure that you are receiving the best energy plan offered by your energy provider. Energy providers must tell you on your bill, at least once every 3 months for electricity bills and once every four months for gas bills, whether you are on their best offer. This is to ensure all Victorians are aware and have access to a fairer and more affordable energy plan.

Visit the Victorian Default Offer website for more details.

Business improvement programs – helping to address energy cost pressures

Agriculture Energy Investment Plan supports agricultural businesses to reduce on-farm energy costs, improve energy efficiency and explore alternative energy options. This may include on-farm energy assessments, grants to support on-farm energy investments, skills and education, and research facilitation.

Better Commercial Buildings program is now fully subscribed. For questions about the program please contact or phone 1300 363 744.

Boosting Business Productivity program supports businesses to cut energy and materials costs, reduce greenhouse emissions and improve energy productivity. The Program includes a sustainable finance service, various training, events and information resources.

Food and Fibre Information Hub helps farms and food processing businesses to understand how to better manage their energy consumption and help reduce their energy costs.

Future Industries Fund Manufacturing Program provides up to $500,000 to companies to implement new manufacturing technologies and processes in their Victorian operations. Businesses can decrease their energy use per unit of output as a result of acquiring state-of-the-art manufacturing capability.

Invest Victoria provides support and advice to businesses looking to invest and re-invest in Victoria and is ready to work with large-scale energy users. If you'd like to know more, call Invest Victoria on 03 9651 8100.

Navigating a Dynamic Energy Landscape has been developed by the Energy Efficiency Council with support of the Victorian Government. The briefing provides advice to directors and senior executives on how to access expert support and take control of their energy position by:

  • accessing and using energy data
  • investment in energy efficiency, renewable energy and demand management
  • innovative energy contracting.

Regional Jobs Fund and infrastructure Fund can provide support to rural and regional businesses, including funding innovative solutions or equipment upgrades that reduce energy costs and create or retain jobs.

Small Business Energy Saver Program provides bonuses to small businesses across Victoria who upgrade to energy-efficient equipment.

Sustainable Finance Service is a free financial facilitation service offered by Sustainability Victoria to all businesses, property owners, councils and community groups seeking to invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Victorian Energy Compare is an independent online price comparison tool for the range of energy retailers and offers available. Businesses consuming under 40 megawatt hours annually and who have access to 12 months of their smart meter consumption data can use Victorian Energy Compare.

Victorian Energy Upgrades helps businesses with their energy costs – providing discounts on a wide range of energy-saving products supplied through accredited providers.