If you want to cut your energy and water use, as well as your waste, you don't have to do it on your own.

Reduce water use

With a limited supply of water, a changing climate and a country prone to drought, it is crucial we use water wisely.

To perform a water audit, or if you're planning to reuse or recycle water, Victoria's Environment Protection Authority (EPA) provides ideas and frameworks to reduce water use and generate less wastewater.

The Smart Water Advice website has advice on water efficient practices for a number of industries including:

  • manufacturing
  • food processing
  • building
  • nurseries
  • commercial laundries
  • hospitality
  • horticulture
  • viticulture
  • textiles

Some quick ways to reduce water waste include:

  • looking for water leaks in fittings and use a water meter or flow restrictor where possible
  • replacing tap washers and seals annually
  • re-using or recycling water where possible
  • installing rainwater tanks
  • developing and implementing ways to save water by involving your staff or a ‘water champion’ to check meters and monitor water use
  • using products with a water efficiency label

Reduce and manage waste

To handle and recycle your waste, you can access help from:

How can I get started on being more sustainable?

Additional ways to plan and introduce sustainable practices in your business include:

  • reading the advice on your council, energy or water retailer's website
  • hiring a professional for a detailed environmental analysis – visit the Clean Energy Regulator for a list of accredited energy auditors, which can involve a complete assessment, or help with just one aspect, such as thermal performance assessment or refrigeration and air conditioning assessment
  • contacting your industry association to find out if an active sustainability related project exists – or why not be the one to start a project for your industry?
  • investigating what grants and assistance are available in Victoria for your industry