Make your tourism business stand out from your competitors by exploiting the power of your green business credentials.

You've recognised the benefits of greening your tourism business, but to gain a competitive advantage, you need to make sure people know about it. Being a 'green' tourism business should provide a marketing edge by attracting and impressing customers who share a concern for the environment.

Tourism businesses – from B&Bs to international hotels - that acted to improve their environmental performance have discovered a whole host of audiences keen to hear about it such as existing and potential customers, the media, employees, and local communities. Such businesses have benefited from keeping their messages simple and accurate, and by emphasising what they've achieved in relevant terms such as cost savings.

If you can show and communicate that you care for the environment, as well as the visitor's comfort, you'll gain customer respect and loyalty.

There are two ways you can capitalise on your green credentials:

  1. Promoting your green credentials through marketing and publicity activities.
  2. Promoting your green credentials to industry and consumers through entering in awards programs for sustainable businesses.

Keep it Real toolkit

The Keep it Real toolkit created by VisitEngland aims to help English tourism business' to sell sustainability as part of their unique offer. It's designed for those businesses who've already taken action to be more sustainable, and want to maximise the marketing opportunities that may exist.

Sample environmental policy