Plan to stay informed during a crisis event

Preparing to receive information during a crisis event will help reduce the uncertainty of your situation and any unnecessary stress.

When preparing your emergency management plan, it's important to consider how you will receive reliable and up-to-date information from emergency services agencies, and in many cases, the regional Tourism Crisis Management Group.

Informed by your risk assessment ensure that you:

  • download the related apps
  • bookmark the relevant websites
  • save the relevant information numbers into your mobile phone


The VicEmergency website provides the Victorian community with one, centralised location for emergency warnings and information for a range of events, including:

  • fires
  • storms
  • floods
  • earthquakes
  • tsunamis
  • water safety
  • shark sightings
  • traffic hazards

Visitors can also access planning, preparedness and recovery information related to emergencies.

The VicEmergency app (available to download on iOS or Android) allows users to set-up and edit up to 20 tailored watch zones that are unique to individual needs.

In addition to information about how to prepare for and respond to emergencies, VicEmergency now includes advice to assist communities to recover from the impacts of emergencies.

People can now access the site from any device, screen size or connection speed.

Speakers of a language other than English

For help with English, people can call the Translating and Interpreting Service on free call number 13 14 50 and ask them to telephone the VicEmergency Hotline.

Visitor information centres

In many cases, emergency service agencies also send updates to visitor information centres in Victoria so information can be passed on to visitors and tourism businesses.

The tourism response and recovery process

To receive the latest information about the crisis response and recovery process for the tourism industry, make sure you're listed with the nearest accredited visitor information centre and the database of your regional and local tourism associations.

If you are a member of these organisations, you will automatically be on their contact databases.

Official emergency contact details

Warning or alert: Severe weather warning

Phone: (03) 9669 4000
Social Media: Not used to post forecasts or warnings

Warning or alert: Health alerts
Phone: 1300 651 160
Social Media:

Warning or alert: Park closures
Phone: 13 19 63
Social Media:

Warning or alert: Road closures and traffic alerts
Phone13 11 70
Social Media:

Warning or alert: Public transport disruptions

Phone: 1800 800 007
Social Media:


Warning or alert: Bushfire emergency warnings and advice
Phone1800 240 667
Social Media:

Warning or alert: Total fire ban days

Phone: 1800 240 667
Social Media:

Warning or alert: Code Red days

Phone: 1800 240 667
Social Media:

Warning or alert: Planned burn days

Phone: 1800 240 667
Social Media:

Warning or alert: Flood, storm, tsunami, earthquake

Phone: 1300 842 737
Social Media: 

Page last updated 1 March 2021

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