Immediate actions checklist

Use this simple checklist to help you respond 24 hours after a crisis.

Have you:Response
1. Assessed the severity of the incident? Yes / No
2. Followed the advice of the emergency services agencies in terms of evacuations, access routes etc? Yes / No
3. Tuned into an official emergency broadcaster and/or accessed the relevant website for further information, alerts and warnings? Yes / No
4. Accounted for everyone? Yes / No
5. Identified any injuries to persons? Yes / No
6. Started an Event Log? Yes / No
7. Activated staff members and resources? Yes / No
8. Briefed staff and customers at your premises? Yes / No
9. Contacted clients who are expected to visit your business during the next few days? Yes / No
10. Identified any damage to your property? Yes / No
11. Allocated specific roles and responsibilities? Yes / No
12. Initiated your media protocols? Yes / No
13. Identified critical business activities that have been disrupted? Yes / No
14. Concentrated on your and others' emotional wellbeing?Yes / No