The following fact sheets provide useful information about the tourism's important and sizeable contribution to Victoria's economy.

Value of tourism in Victoria

The Value of Tourism to Victoria summary 2019-20 (PDF 399.4 KB)PDF icon provides top-line information on the economic impact of the sector to the state.

For top-line information on the value of tourism to Melbourne and regional Victoria download and read the latest Value of Tourism to regional Victoria summary 2018-19 (PDF 233.39 KB)PDF icon.

The Economic Contribution of Tourism in Victoria 2019-20 (PDF 981.66 KB)PDF icon provides insight into the value of tourism to the state's economy in terms of Gross State Product (GSP), Gross Value Added (GVA), and includes employment generated by the tourism sector.

To find out more, visit Tourism Research Australia's website.

Economic importance of tourism in Victoria's regions

Tourism Research Australia has produced Regional Tourism Satellite Accounts (RTSA) for all of Australia’s official tourism regions. RTSA estimate the economic value of tourism to regions in terms of Gross Regional Product (GRP) and employment generated, among other metrics.

The Victorian regional tourism satellite accounts summary 2018-19 (PDF 1880.99 KB)PDF icon provides data about the estimated economic importance of tourism for Melbourne versus Regional Victoria and within each of Victoria's tourism regions.

For detailed data on each of Victoria's official tourism (sub)regions, use the interactive dashboard on the Tourism Research Australia website.

Please note: the Tourism Research Australia dashboard includes data for official tourism (sub)regions and capital cities only. Email the TEVE Research Team for data on Victoria's combined tourism regions.

Number and type of tourism businesses in Victoria

The Victorian tourism business counts June 2019 factsheet (PDF 305.61 KB)PDF icon provides data on the number of tourism businesses in Victoria and its regions in June 2019. Breakdowns by type and size are also included, as well as comparisons for the period June 2014 to June 2019.

To find out more, visit Tourism Research Australia's website.

Tourism Investment Monitor

The Victorian Tourism Investment Pipeline 2019-20 factsheet (PDF 113.89 KB)PDF icon is drawn from Tourism Research Australia’s Tourism Investment Monitor 2019-20. It outlines the number and value of significant infrastructure projects in the three main sectors of Australia’s tourism industry: Accommodation; Arts, Recreation & Business Services; and Aviation.

To find out more, visit Tourism Research Australia's website.

Economic impact assessment of the Grand Prix

The following reports provide an overview on economic impact of the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix and its benefits for Victoria: