Future Industries is about supporting investment in high-growth industries through industry excellence and development projects, including establishing collaborative networks and building supply chain readiness capabilities.

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Future Industries

In a global environment of change, Victoria's continued economic growth relies on the forward-thinking initiatives of today.

Concentrating on high growth industry sectors, the government has developed a suite of Future Industries sector strategies, in consultation with businesses, research organisations, industry groups, unions and independent experts. The strategies are guiding the government's investments and activity.

Priority actions for government under the strategies include investment facilitation, grants and other programs, targeted infrastructure improvements, programs to build workforce skills, and collaborative initiatives to support the adoption of global best practices.

Sector StrategiesPDFAccessible version
Medical Technologies and PharmaceuticalsMedical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals Sector Strategy (PDF 944.98 KB)PDF icon

Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals Sector Strategy (DOCX 449.14 KB)DOCX icon

New Energy TechnologiesNew Energy Technology Strategy (PDF 1063.5 KB)PDF iconNew Energy Technology Strategies (DOCX 349.78 KB)DOCX icon
Food and FibreFood and Fibre Strategy (PDF 1028.64 KB)PDF iconFood and Fibre Strategy (DOCX 55.26 KB)DOCX icon
Transport TechnologiesTransport Technologies Strategy (PDF 851.56 KB)PDF iconTransport Technologies Strategy (DOCX 53.74 KB)DOCX icon
Defence TechnologiesDefence Strategy (PDF 826.76 KB)PDF iconDefence Strategy (DOCX 57.3 KB)DOCX icon
Construction TechnologiesConstruction Technologies Strategy (PDF 1111.54 KB)PDF icon Construction Technologies Strategy (DOCX 65.9 KB)DOCX icon 
Professional ServicesProfessional Services Strategy (PDF 565.71 KB)PDF iconProfessional Services Sector Strategy (DOCX 50.86 KB)DOCX icon