Program overview

The Small Business Energy Saver Program is supporting Victorian small business owners to save on energy efficient equipment. It will deliver $5 million in discounts to small businesses across Victoria who upgrade to energy-efficient equipment.

About the program

This program provides small businesses with a significant discount that in some cases may cover up to 100% of the full equipment and installation cost, meaning there’s minimal out of pocket expenses. We’ll identify the equipment in your business that is costly to operate and recommend the best upgrades for you.

The exact amount your business will need to pay for an approved energy efficiency improvement will depend on the type of energy upgrades undertaken. On average each business could receive a discount of about $2000 for eligible equipment upgrades.

Eligibility criteria

Small businesses must:

  • have 1 to 19 employees
  • have a commercial (non-residential) premise.

This program is not available for primary producers in agriculture.

Get an upgrade

Speak with local program experts who can answer your questions about the Small Business Energy Saver Program.