‘Small or new business find it difficult to establish new ventures (product) in Victoria, regulation is confusing and can be cost prohibitive to navigate. This has resulted in a lack of new product in the market’.

The Innovative New Ventures pilot program aims to help small tourism businesses access the know-how needed to navigate their regulatory requirements, diversify their offering and bring new and innovative products to market.

What are we going to do?

  • Direct Case Management Support – Expressions of Interest CLOSED
  • Building a Case Study Library – Register to contribute - CLOSED
  • Improving access to information – Web portal CLOSED

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Program details

The Small Business Regulatory Review (SBRR) established in 2016 identified a range of sectors that would benefit from targeted Government interventions to reduce the regulatory burden on small business and support longer term business growth.

The SBRR Visitor Economy Action Plan 2018 identifies five areas for reform:

  1. Small events and festivals
  2. Innovative New Ventures
  3. Tourist road signage
  4. Tour operator licensing
  5. Small visitor accommodating providers

The aim of Innovative New Ventures pilot is to test three streams of Government support that may make it easier for small businesses to navigate red tape and bring new products onto the market. This will also help identify what holds small businesses back from delivering new products to market and to create better programs to support them.

1. Case Management

Is your new tourism venture caught up in red tape?

We are running a trial to provide case management support for up to 15 tourism projects to help them work through their regulatory requirements and help get their new product(s) into the market.

A panel of government and industry representatives will review EOIs and select up to 15 projects to participate in the pilot. Priority will be given to small businesses currently experiencing difficulty with regulation requirement for their new product, however, emerging innovative concepts are also encouraged to submit an EOI.

Download SBRR INV Case Management Support Factsheet (PDF 58.47 KB)PDF icon for more details.

2. Case Study Library

Has your new tourism venture been caught in red tape?

We are seeking businesses to share their experiences and contribute to building a case study library. We will use this library to help others navigate the regulatory landscape and to identify what holds small businesses back from delivering new products and to create new programs of support.

Businesses can register their interest to contribute via the online form.  Businesses will then be contacted to discuss project contribution and publication details.

Download SBRR INV Case Study Library Factsheet (PDF 41.12 KB)PDF icon for more details

3. Improved information and communication
We will make it easier for businesses to access support and improve information and education channels with Local Government and Industry. This will ensure small businesses know where to get support and tools to better understand regulation requirements.

Eligibility requirements

  • Operate, or plan to operate, in Victoria
  • Sole trader or employ up to 20 staff
  • Value of new project or enhancement up to $2 million
  • Participate in program evaluation (provide  transparent information about your  project)
  • Experiencing or experienced difficulty in navigating regulation requirements.
Note: for case study contributions, businesses must have brought a new venture into the market in the past 18 months and be willing to have information about their project published.

How we define regulation

Regulation can be defined as a set of rules, requirements, or procedures imposed by governments which place restrictions or requirements on the behaviour and actions of private actors.

A primary focus for this program will be to support business trying to navigate all relevant statutory approvals required to implement their project i.e. Planning, Building, Environmental, Food and Liquor, Health, and Safety. This does not include financing.

How to apply

Case Management pilot - applications closed

Case Study Library contribution - applications closed

For further details about the program email inv@ecodev.vic.gov.au

For more details about the Small Business regulation review, visit the Engage Victoria website.