What is the Supply Chain Uplift Program (SCUP)?

The SCUP provides grants of between $2,000 and $100,000 (excl. GST) to support business improvement or capability uplift activities, such as:

  • business systems and process certifications
  • tender response assistance
  • industry specific compliance requirements
  • supply chain collaboration activities
  • development of defence R&D and technology transfer activities
  • product development.

I haven't spoken to Hanwha Defense Australia (Hanwha), can I still submit an application?

No. Before submitting a SCUP grant application, applicants must have spoken with Hanwha and will be required to attest they have received Hanwha’s support for their proposal.

Once SCUP applicants receive Hanwha’s support, they can submit an application.

The Department will verify an applicant’s eligibility with Hanwha prior to assessment.

I haven’t spoken with Hanwha about the capabilities of my business. How should I engage with Hanwha about becoming a supplier?

Businesses seeking to share their capabilities with Hanwha should register on the company’s supplier portal.

Hanwha uses this supplier portal to inform its market scanning and testing processes, and for issuing Approach to Market documentation (such as Requests for Information, Quote and Proposal).

Hanwha plans to conduct a further round of market testing for Land 8116 in late 2022.

Do I need to provide a letter of support from Hanwha in my application?

No. However, the Department will verify your eligibility with Hanwha prior to assessing your grant application.

How long will the SCUP remain open?

The SCUP will remain open until 30 June 2024, or until all funding is exhausted.

Do I need to contribute funding as part of the SCUP?

Yes. SCUP applicants will need to provide evidence of the ability to contribute 1:1 matched funding as part of their application.

Can I contribute funding I have received from the Victorian or Commonwealth Governments as part of my 1:1 contribution?

No. Funding received from other Victorian or Commonwealth Government programs cannot be used by a business as part of their funding 1:1 contribution.

How are applications for SCUP funding assessed?

All applications will be assessed individually against the eligibility and assessment criteria, as well as the ability to contribute 1:1 matched funding through an open-round grant process.

The Supply Chain Uplift Program Assessment Panel will review all eligible applications and provide recommendations.

Further information, including a list of the Assessment Criteria, can be found in the Guidelines.

I would like to apply for funding for multiple eligible activities. Do I need to submit one application per activity?

No. Businesses can apply for funding for multiple activities in one application, provided they have not reached the $100,000 (excl. GST) limit. Applicants should ensure each of the activities are clearly outlined in the Project Plan and are supported by the required documentation.

I have already received funding from SCUP; however, I would like to apply for funding for another eligible activity. Can I submit more than one application for the SCUP?

Yes. Businesses that have received funding from the SCUP program can apply for additional support at a later date for other eligible activities, provided they have not reached the $100,000 (excl. GST) limit. Businesses can also apply for funding for multiple activities within a single application.

I am looking to supply into Land 400 Phase 3 – Infantry Fighting Vehicles Program. Can I apply for this program?

No. Businesses are not eligible to apply for SCUP funding if the activities relate to the Land 400 Phase 3 Program as this has not yet been awarded by the Commonwealth Government.

I am a business looking to establish activities in Victoria, can I apply for this program?

No. The SCUP has been established to support business improvement activities for Victoria’s local defence industry.

However, non-Victorian businesses that are interested in establishing operations in Victoria to participate in the Land 8116 program and are seeking investment facilitation support can apply for funding via the Supply Chain Investment Program stream, by contacting defence@ecodev.vic.gov.au.