Caravan Eggs

On some of Victoria’s greenest fields, free roaming chickens are housed in purpose-built caravans under the watchful eyes of Maremma sheepdogs. And they’re laying delicious eggs.

Jill and Robert Warner started Caravan Eggs in Dundonnell, South West Victoria with the dream of producing truly free-range eggs with a sustainable model and supplying them straight to the customer.

Their 4,500 chickens spend days grazing fertile volcanic soils and have access to both paddocks and the safety of their mobile caravan day and night.

The business has flourished going from 2,800 eggs per month to 28,000 eggs in just 4 years. The eggs are currently supplied not only to cooks but to local grocers, restaurants and cafes in Warrnambool, Geelong and Melbourne.

Here’s how Caravan Eggs work with other local producers to create more awareness of small businesses in regional Victoria through the Business Victoria Local Events Program.