30 Nov 2020

Registrations are now open for businesses to register for a free contact tracing QR code issued by the Victorian Government.

Businesses that opt in will receive a QR code to print and display on-premises. Patrons and visitors are then able to scan the QR code to log their contact details on arrival.

The service is intended as an alternative to pen and paper record-keeping and other digital check-in platforms.

While record-keeping is mandatory for many Victorian businesses and venues, this service is optional, and is designed to simplify record-keeping processes for businesses and speed up contact-tracing efforts in the event of an outbreak.

All stored information will be automatically be deleted after 28 days unless Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) requests the information for contact tracing.

Businesses and venues with multiple premises or separate areas within a premises (such as indoor and outdoor) can add locations and customise their records to suit their needs.

Find out more about the Victorian Government's free contact tracing QR code service.