4 May 2021

The Victorian Government has pledged almost $20 million to support local farmers to reduce emissions and get involved in the state's action on climate change.

The Agriculture Sector Pledge will work in partnership with industry over the next 4 years to encourage the involvement of the agriculture sector in Victoria's progress towards a future net-zero economy.

The pledge includes:

  • $3.9 million for research into agriculture emissions reduction technologies and practices.
  • $15.4 million investment in providing information, tools and services to support adaptation and climate risk management across the agriculture sector so farmers and growers can measure and reduce on-farm emissions.
  • Direct grants from a $5 million pool to support up to 250 farmers to assess their climate risk and emissions profile and take action to reduce emissions and adapt to the changing climate.

As well as reduce emissions, the pledge is expected to create jobs across a range of sectors, including agriculture, transport and energy.

Read the full media release on the Premier's website for more information.