31 May 2021

Bonuses up to $2000 are available in the Small Business Energy Saver Program for eligible small businesses that have 19 employees or fewer.

Businesses can use bonuses to make multiple eligible upgrades, which can include:

  • replacing inefficient electric hot water systems
  • replacing inefficient gas hot water systems
  • upgrading to efficient room reverse-cycle air conditioners
  • installing energy-efficient refrigerator display cabinets
  • installing energy-efficient fridges and freezers
  • installing energy-efficient refrigeration and ventilation fans and motors
  • installing water-efficient pre-rinse spray valves.

Upgrades are available to small businesses across various sectors including hospitality, retail, accommodation, healthcare and professional services and small-scale manufacturing.

By switching to energy-saving equipment, Victorian small businesses can save 15 to 20% off the equipment’s annual energy operational costs. The program will empower Victorian small businesses to:

  • lower their annual energy costs
  • save installation costs
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • climate-proof their workplaces.

See Small Business Energy Saver Program on the Sustainability Victoria website.