23 Mar 2021

Victoria is taking another step forward with its COVIDSafe settings, further easing restrictions for live music venues, retailers and other businesses.

The following changes to businesses will come into effect 6pm on Friday 26 March.

Live music and entertainment

  • Density limits in venues currently operating under a limit of one person per 4 square-metres (sqm) will be brought in line with cafes, pubs and restaurants in allowing one person per 2sqm.
  • Indoor non-seated entertainment venues will increase from 50% to 75% capacity to a maximum of 1000 people per space.
  • Dancefloors will have the same density limit as the venue and the 50-patron cap will be removed.

Recreation and fitness

  • There will no longer be a limit on class sizes for outdoor and indoor physical recreation or fitness classes.
  • Unstaffed gyms will move from a density limit of one person per 8sqm to one person per 4sqm.

Private and public sector offices

  • The 75% cap on the number of workers allowed in private and public workplaces will be removed.
  • Workplaces must remain COVIDSafe but are no longer required to allow workers to work from home if they can work remotely.

Masks in retail settings

Masks will no longer be required in retail settings, including supermarkets.

Victorians are still required to carry a mask at all times when not at home. Masks must still be worn on public transport, in rideshare vehicles and taxis and in aged care facilities and hospitals.

Read the full press release on the Premier's website.