About the Concierge Service

This concierge service is here to support you if you work for yourself, or have 1 to 2 employees and an annual turnover of less than $75,000, and seeking information on business services and support programs.

Speak to a concierge agent who can guide you through Victorian Government programs and services that may be able to assist your new or growing business.

If you require support, please:

  • contact 13 22 15 to speak directly to a customer service agent, or
  • book a 30-minute phone appointment with a dedicated concierge agent by submitting your details in the form below for a more detailed consultation based on your specific circumstances.

Our concierge agents can provide dedicated support including:

  • information on planning, starting, growing or exiting your business
  • information on how you can access workshops, mentoring and learning opportunities
  • referrals to Victorian Government business support programs and services, such as mentoring services and the Partners in Wellbeing Helpline
  • information on business planning and building resilience
  • information on managing and employing staff
  • information on finance including managing cash flow
  • advice on your eligibility for Victorian Government business grant programs.

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Frequently asked questions

How will the concierge service help me?

You will speak with a dedicated concierge agent who can answer questions about what services and supports are available to you, and how to access them.

The concierge service can also help you navigate the information to apply for any Victorian Government programs you may be eligible for.

How can I access the service?

Call the Business Victoria hotline on 13 22 15, and select the Microbusiness Concierge Service to speak to a customer service agent who can assist you. Alternatively you can make a 30 minute phone appointment with a dedicated concierge agent for a more detailed discussion based on the individual circumstances of your business.

Can the concierge service provide me with any information about starting a business?

Our dedicated concierge agents can provide information on starting a business. Additional information is available on the Business Victoria website.

Can the concierge service help me with a Victorian business support grant or program application?

While the concierge service cannot complete an application for a Victorian Government business support grant or program on your behalf, we can guide you through the steps of your application and answer any questions you may have.

Can the concierge service fast-track my application for a Victorian Government grant?

The concierge service cannot fast-track any applications currently in progress, however we can provide advice about additional supports which may be of assistance.

Can the concierge service provide advice about federal or local government programs?

The concierge service primarily answers enquiries about Victorian State Government programs. However, we can provide information on federal or local government programs.

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