Please note:

If your ANZSIC industry code is not on this list, you are not eligible for funding through the Business Costs Assistance Program Round Two. This list applies to both employing and non-employing businesses in Metropolitan Melbourne and Regional Victoria.

Grant amounts listed are per business ABN and based on assessment of eligibility by the department.

See a full list below.


Non-essential retail

ANZSIC industry code
3911 Car Retailing

3912 Motor Cycle Retailing

3913 Trailer and Other Motor Vehicle Retailing

3921 Motor Vehicle Parts Retailing

3922 Tyre Retailing

4129 Other Specialised Food Retailing

4211 Furniture Retailing

4212 Floor Coverings Retailing

4213 Houseware Retailing

4214 Manchester and Other Textile Goods Retailing

4221 Electrical, Electronic and Gas Appliance Retailing

4222 Computer and Computer Peripheral Retailing

4229 Other Electrical and Electronic Goods Retailing

4231 Hardware and Building Supplies Retailing

4232 Garden Supplies Retailing

4241 Sport and Camping Equipment Retailing

4242 Entertainment Media Retailing

4243 Toy and Game Retailing

4244 Newspaper and Book Retailing

4245 Marine Equipment Retailing

4251 Clothing Retailing

4252 Footwear Retailing

4253 Watch and Jewellery Retailing

4259 Other Personal Accessory Retailing

4260 Department Stores

4272 Stationery Goods Retailing

4273 Antique and Used Goods Retailing

4274 Flower Retailing

4279 Other Store-Based Retailing n.e.c.

4320 Retail Commission-Based Buying and/or Selling

9202 Lottery Operation


ANZSIC industry code

4511 Cafes and Restaurant

4513 Catering Services

4520 Pubs, Taverns and Bars

4530 Clubs (Hospitality)


ANZSIC industry code

4400 Accommodation

4820 Water Passenger Transport

5010 Scenic and Sightseeing Transport

7220 Travel Agency and Tour Arrangement Services

8910 Museum Operation

8921 Zoological and Botanical Gardens Operations

8922 Nature Reserves and Conservation Park Operation

9131 Amusement Parks and Centres Operation

9139 Amusement and Other Recreational Activities n.e.c.


ANZSIC industry code

4621 Interurban and Rural Bus Transport

4623 Taxi and Other Road Transport

4900 Air and Space Transport

5029 Other Transport n.e.c (e.g. ski lift, ski tow operators)

5299 Other Transport Support Services n.e.c.

6611 Passenger Car Rental and Hiring

ANZSIC industry code

5511 Motion Picture and Video Production

5513 Motion Picture Exhibition

5522 Music and Other Sound Recording Activities

6619 Other Motor Vehicle and Transport Equipment Rental and Hiring

6631 Heavy Machinery and Scaffolding Rental and Hiring

6632 Video and Other Electronic Media Rental and Hiring

6639 Other Goods and Equipment Rental and Hiring n.e.c

6991 Professional Photographic Services (e.g. wedding and events photographers/videographers)

7299 Other Administrative Services n.e.c (e.g. events management / organisers)

9001 Performing Arts Operation

9002 Creative Artists, Musicians, Writers and Performers

9003 Performing Arts Venue Operation

9511 Hairdressing and Beauty Services

9539 Other personal services n.e.c. (e.g. wedding celebrants)

Services and education

ANZSIC industry code

7311 Building and Other Industrial Cleaning Services

7712 Investigation and Security Services

7313 Gardening Services

8211 Sports and Physical Recreation Instruction

8212 Arts Education

8219 Adult, Community and Other Education n.e.c.

9111 Health and Fitness Centres and Gymnasia Operation

9112 Sports and Physical Recreation Clubs and Sports Professionals

9113 Sports and Physical Recreation Venues, Grounds and Facilities Operation

9114 Sports and Physical Recreation Administrative Service

9429 Other Machinery and Equipment Repair and Maintenance

9491 Clothing and Footwear Repair

9499 Other Repair and Maintenance n.e.c.

9512 Diet and Weight Reduction Centre Operation

9531 Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Services

9532 Photographic Film Processing

9534 Brothel Keeping and Prostitution Services

Health care and social assistance

ANZSIC industry code

8531 Dental Services

8532 Optometry and Optical Dispensing

8533 Physiotherapy Services

8534 Chiropractic and Osteopathic Services

8539 Other Allied Health Services

8599 Other Health Care Services n.e.c.