Business advisers play an important role in helping small business operators and sole traders succeed. Business advisers can include accountants, bookkeepers, tax agents, industry associations and representative bodies.

Signs your client is stressed or needs support

As a business adviser you may notice some signs that your client is stressed or in need of support.

These signs can include:

  • not communicating with you as often as usual
  • speaking negatively about themselves or their business
  • expressing conflict with their staff or customers
  • missing or not engaging in appointments
  • not completing normal tasks

Clients may also talk about their wellbeing during your meetings with them.

If your client needs support, you can suggest the Partners in Wellbeing Helpline or other wellbeing and mental health support services.

Learn skills to support your small business clients

Resources are available to train and upskill advisers to support their clients' wellbeing. These skills ensure small businesses have people in their network who understand the challenges they face.