Program overview

The Highly Impacted Manufacturers Stream provides vouchers valued at up to $25,000 to access advice and services from a service provider appointed by the Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions (DJSIR).

Services will involve a Preliminary Business Diagnostic and Future Opportunities Assessment, including a financial health check.

A full Business Transition Plan will also be provided if required.

Businesses that have completed a Business Transition Plan may be invited to apply for a grant of up to $120,000 to implement the steps outlined in their plan.

Please read all the information on this page, including the program guidelines and frequently asked questions (FAQs) before submitting your application.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for support through the Highly Impacted Manufacturers Stream, the business must:

  • be highly impacted by the end of native timber harvesting in Victoria, with:
    • at least 40% of the business’s material inputs (measured by cost*) used in the manufacturing process are derived from native hardwood sourced from Victorian state forests. This figure must be for the financial year either 2021-22 or 2022-23 OR
    • at least 40% of the business’ revenue is derived from sales of products made with native Victorian hardwood.
  • be a legally structured business with an active Australian Business Number (ABN) and have held that ABN on and from 1 July 2021
  • be an employing business located in Victoria that is registered with WorkSafe Victoria
  • be a business in the manufacturing industry classified under one of the following Australia and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classifications (ANZSIC) codes as of 23 May 2023, unless otherwise agreed by DJSIR:
    • 1413 Timber Resawing and Dressing
    • 1492 Wooden Structural Fitting and Component Manufacturing
    • 1499 Other Wood Product Manufacturing n.e.c.
    • 2511 Wooden Furniture and Upholstered Seat Manufacturing.

If you need help to identify your ANZSIC, or believe it may be incorrect, please refer to the ANZSIC guidance page.

*Guidance note: material input costs include expenses incurred specifically on the materials used to manufacture a product. It includes the cost of all raw materials and any other components needed for manufacturing. It does not include non-material costs, such as wages, utilities, and services. In accounting practice, this calculation is defined as Direct Material Costs. Read more on the frequently asked questions (FAQs) page.

If you believe the impact to your material inputs is less than 40%, you may be eligible for support under the Impacted Manufacturers Stream.

The following are not eligible to apply:

  • businesses that may use native Victorian hardwood but are not manufacturers, such as those engaged in retail trade, product design services wholesale trade, construction (including installation and carpentry) or logistics
  • businesses that produce wood chips, firewood, sawdust and/or mulch
  • Commonwealth, state and local government agencies or bodies
  • publicly funded research institutions
  • industry associations
  • businesses eligible for support under the forestry transition support package being administered by the Victorian Department of Energy Environment and Climate Action (DEECA)
  • businesses accessing support via the Impacted Manufacturers Stream of the Timber Supply Chain Resilience Package.

Voucher and grant amount

Business support services of up to $25,000 in value.

DJSIR will engage a provider to support successful applicants through a structured process:

  • Stage 1 – Preliminary Business Diagnostic and Future Opportunities Assessment – provides a financial health check and an assessment of the impacted business’s potential to transition away from their reliance on native Victorian hardwood timber as a manufacturing input. A project scope to deliver a full Business Transition Plan (Stage 2) will be developed if needed.
  • Stage 2 – Business Transition Plan – development of a full transition plan including some or all of the following elements (non-exhaustive): specialist financial and accounting planning (including taxation), legal considerations, general business planning, marketing planning and/or business sale or closure advice.

Eligible voucher recipients will then be invited to apply for a grant of up to $120,000 to implement their Business Transition Plan.

How to apply

To complete your application, you will need to be an authorised representative of the business (such as an owner or director), or a person given authorisation by an authorised representative.

You will also require:

  • your business ABN
  • your ANZSIC code 
  • your WorkCover Employer Number (WEN) and WorkCover Certificate of Currency, and
  • evidence of native hardwood timber supply from Victorian state forests as a material input, in the form of:
    • paid invoices, orders and/or receipts evidencing purchase of hardwood from Victorian state forests between 01 July 2021 and 23 May 2023, and
    • a Statutory Declaration from the director or authorised person stating that native hardwood timber from Victorian state forests represents at least 40% of more of material inputs for the business.  Please use the Statutory Declaration template.

DJSIR will endeavour to notify Applicants of the outcome within 4 weeks of lodgement of application via email.

If the Applicant is found eligible for a voucher, the service provider will contact the business within 5 days of notification to commence the Preliminary Business Diagnostic.

Applications will close on 31 December 2024 at 11:59pm (AEDT).  

For further information or assistance please contact Business Victoria on 13 22 15 or by selecting "Timber Supply Chain Resilience Package" on our contact form.

If you require a translator, please contact Business Victoria on 13 22 15 and let our operator know. They will call the Translating and Interpreting Service for you.

Program guidelines

Timber Supply Chain Resilience Package – Highly Impacted Manufacturers Stream Guidelines (PDF 135 KB) PDF icon

Timber Supply Chain Resilience Package – Highly Impacted Manufacturers Stream Guidelines (DOC 97.5 KB) DOC icon

Statutory declaration form

Statutory declaration form – Highly Impacted Manufacturers Stream.docx (DOCX 44.06 KB) DOCX icon

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Read the full list of FAQs.

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